Organize a Wedding Destination

And if today I told you more concretely what the Wedding destination is, organized weddings for expatriate couples. A service that I offer you as Wedding Planner and wedding coordinator. But how do you organize a Wedding Destination for expats?

Wedding Destination represents traveling to get married, that is to say getting married outside your area or that of your parents, where living elsewhere as an expatriate and wanting to go back to basics to live your marriage… It is arranged as a trip for the bride and groom and their guests. It’s an adventure to unite you in the place, region or country of your dreams! For this, I accompany you as Wedding Planner and wedding coordinator, whether you decide to go to another country, another region, wherever you want to get married in my beautiful area, between Paris and the Hauts de France.

For expatriates, a Wedding Destination represents hours and hours of internet searches, emails sent, calls to make… All this added to an already busy daily life between your work, your life as a couple and family, the different outings… That’s why I decided to specialize in Wedding Destination, so you can live your dream and plan this beautiful and great adventure without having to leave out your whole life.

For a few years now, I organize your weddings here and elsewhere, I collect all your desires, your needs but also your constraints, and together we organize and plan your perfect journey that will be the symbol of your union. The choice of providers, the place of your union, the evening that will follow, your accommodations on site,… Everything is planned upstream so that when you arrive on site, you just have to enjoy your trip!

As for the destination, it’s up to you to tell me where we’re going! A country you fell in love with? A region dear to your hearts because of your history? A paradise island or in the mountains in the middle of winter, the world is full of sublime and unusual places that can welcome your union. The only things that can vary your destination requirements are your budget and that of your guests to whom you ask to follow you. It is up to you to define in this case if you only want to surround yourself with very close people or if you want to unite with you all your families and friends at your side.

As for the organization of your Wedding Destination, we will move forward together on the preparations, month by month, I will introduce you to the providers, we will follow a precise retro-planning that will allow you to organize yourself in your own schedule and move forward serenely in your wedding preparations. On D-Day, I will be by your side to coordinate the whole of this beautiful day and make sure that everything goes according to plan, and that you enjoy your Wedding Destination!

Where would you go if you could travel to get married? Why don’t we go?  

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