Organizing a wedding: where do we start?

Organizing a wedding: where do we start?

Why don't we talk about your wedding, or rather about your wedding preparations? Because getting a marriage proposal is great, saying "Yes" is worthy of a fairy tale, but what now? What should we do, where do we start organizing a wedding? Thankfully, here's an article that will help you!

Organizing a wedding is often a long-term job, and once the marriage proposal arrives, once you understand that all this is real, the questions end up happening and you don't know where to head between what you imagine do, what our loved ones ask of us, what our entourage expects from this great day and what you want you… In short, it's a bit of a mess, and it's high time to put it all back in order!

Before you contact anyone, you'll need a date first! It can be final, or you can just already choose the year and month you would prefer and validate a final date once you have found the place or reception area you dream of. This will allow you to adapt to the available dates and will leave you with a wider range of possibilities.

For the rest, of course, in order to find the perfect place and providers, you can either spend long hours to organize everything, or make the choice to call on a Wedding Planner who will help you, advise you and accompany you throughout preparations for your lovely day. However, whichever solution you choose, after setting a date, you will need to consider where to receive it.

Should we keep going? Whether it's your Wedding Planner who customizes it and sends it to you or you decide to do it yourself, a retro-planning will be your best ally so you don't get lost in the meanderings of organizing a wedding! Take the time to build it according to the time you can devote to it, depending on the date of your wedding and taking care to keep you free time for your couple, time without talking marriage!

Once your retro-planning is in place, you will only have to follow it month by month, and your Wedding Planner will be the guarantor of the progress of this beautiful project that you will build. She will be there for you, to offer different options, to recommend providers she knows and trust, inspire you to find beautiful ideas that will make your wedding a unique and exceptional time for you and all your guests.

Where would you start organizing a wedding?

Be happy and fast!  

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