Discover who is Corinne Mérelle, your wedding planner

Discover who is Corinne Mérelle, your wedding planner

Welcome to Corinne Mérelle’s blog! She proposes you to find her here twice a month for advice, ideas, interviews… And for starters, I suggest you learn a little more about it through these few questions. So who is Corinne Mérelle, your wedding planner OISE? She’s answering you here!

  • Hello Corinne, if you were to start? Who are you?

I am a person who likes to make people happy, a blue flower that has its head on the shoulders, a hard worker who rushes. I always go to the end of my dreams. I like the sense of detail. I’m a wedding planner in love with life.

  • It seems to me that the event did not you unknown, tell us?!

10 years spent in events. Many seminars with groups up to 500 people over several days. All unique and festive… This is what allowed me to be the wedding planner that I am today and also to build a network of professional providers.

  • How did you get into the world of marriage?

It is a review of skills that made me discover the professions of events. I immediately had stars in my eyes when I discovered the craft of wedding planner. It was in 2009. Life has made me come to the seminars while organizing in parallel weddings.

Discover who is Corinne Mérelle, your wedding planner
  • What do you propose as a service in the world of marriage?

Turnkey and tailor-made service

Complete organization

Organization day J

Marriage for expatriates

Marriage abroad

  • What is your role and importance in a marriage?

To be a fairy with a big heart. Unload the bride and groom of any constraint so that they spend good times with those they love. Work as a team with my service providers so that everything is smooth on d-day.

  • Why do you think you choose yourself rather than someone else? What is your added value?

My experience in the field of events allowed me to be serene in any configuration. We do not improvise wedding planner. It is essential to have technical, creative and organisational skills. Nothing is impossible for my clients but I make sure everything is done safely.

Discover who is Corinne Mérelle, your wedding planner
  • What would you conclude this interview with?

I am delighted by this profession of wedding planner. It brings me joy, happiness, friends etc…. I do not regret the fact that I have left the industrial world to join the world of marriage. Besides, I don’t feel like I’m working. Passion WINS!!

Thank you Corinne Merelle, wedding planner OISE for sharing with us your experience, your values as a professional, and your journey. We’ll meet soon for a next article!

Be happy & be very quick!

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