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Thanks life !

When one arrives in my ages, the narrative of my course becomes long but it will help you to understand how life holds great surprises!!! And why you should never give up in these dreams.

Wedding planner Corinne Mérelle Picardie

A canvas that gets in place

When I was working at du Pont de Nemours, a multinational in the field of chemistry, I always wondered what I was doing there. I practiced a profession that did not bring me stars in my eyes. I finally understood, when I left this company after 22 years, that the positions of sales and purchasing manager I had occupied were going to serve me to exercise "my passion profession". In fact, I had without the knowledge acquired skills that were essential in my profession of wedding planner and business manager. In parallel with this old craft, I had a passion that was floral art and decoration. Which also allowed me to develop my creativity and imagination. I gave courses in floral art in the communes of Oise.

All my career has made sense when I discovered the business of events. I dreamed night and day to do my job.

At 40 years old, I resumed my studies. I started a master in marketing and event management to consolidate my bases in events. In fact, I am a curious little girl and I am thirsty to learn every day to pass it on to others.

Finally I get there

All the ingredients were gathered to practice my profession as event organizer.

And there I say thank you life!! At last I was going to reveal myself. Exercising a profession that you love takes on another dimension. What for? Because I do it with my heart.

So I organized a lot of seminars for CAC 40 companies such as L'oréal, Capgémini, BNP etc... All this journey has boosted me to create my company in 2010.

A passion business

And then in my family, love and marriage are very strong values and benchmarks. What has strengthened my choice of becoming a wedding planner is my beliefs in love and marriage that have made me a passionate wedding planner. These values embody each of my marriages.
I don't count the hours I spend organizing these unions. I consider every bride and groom as a gift. Making people happy animates me and puts me in joy.

All this journey has allowed me to believe in my dreams and never capitulate whatever obstacle.

My greatest satisfaction? The happiness and the smile of my bride and groom!! So thank you for life, thank you for making me live all these magical moments.


Make your life a dream, and your dream, a reality.