Choose your place of reception for your wedding

Choose your place of reception for your wedding

Why don't we talk today about the reception venue for your wedding? How and where to find the perfect place? What questions to ask at first contact? How do I know it's the right one? What do you need to know before you start your research? Here are some tips to find the place of your dreams!

Choosing your wedding reception location is one of the first things to do in the search for providers, once you have chosen the place, you can then define all the rest of your wedding providers. For this, whether it's you or with your Wedding Planner, there are several things to define before you start your research, so let's start?!

Choose your place of reception for your wedding

The budget:

As far as reception venues are concerned, there is something for every budget, so it is important that you have an idea of your overall wedding envelope and the part you want to spend on the place within that budget. In general, this is the position that comes behind the caterer in terms of cost and price, so before you start your research, set an amount and look at what you can have at that price, even if you then adjust the budget.

Choose your place of reception for your wedding

The geographical area:

If you marry at the town hall before your D-Day, you will necessarily have less constraints in terms of geographical area, a religious or secular wedding can be done in any parish (subject to the priest's agreement), or in any place to your liking for your secular ceremony. Therefore, depending on the constraints, I advise you to find a site where your guests will have between 15 to 45 minutes maximum drive between the two places, which still makes a good search perimeter!

Choose your place of reception for your wedding

The constraints: 

Then comes all the rest of your conditions. It may be that from the first visits, you find the perfect place, the favorite, and sometimes you may also need to make some concessions. In any event, there are important questions to be asked. Before the visit, define the style of place you are looking for: a castle, a winery, a Provençal farmhouse, a farmhouse, an atypical place (…), then according to you what the number of guests will be on D-Day to check that the capacity of the place as a meal agrees with this number. The rest of the questions are usually done during the visit: is the furniture included? Are there taxed providers? Can the wine of honour or the meal be made outdoors? In case of rain, what is plan B? Is there a room for the kids? An hour limit for the end of the evening? Accommodation on site?

Call on a wedding planner to organize your wedding

Once you've made the tours, take the time to find the pros and cons of the different reception venues you've visited. Don't hesitate to ask your Wedding Planner for advice. Corinne Merelle has been practising her profession for years in the Oise and the Ile de France, she will advise you a reception place according to your desires, the style you want and the constraints you will set. Contact her to find out more!

And you, the choice of your reception place was a favorite or a long thought-out choice?

Be happy and fast!

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