7 reasons to call a wedding planner

7 reasons to call a wedding planner

Year after year, the profession of wedding planner evolves and is increasingly recognized. When Corinne Merelle, your wedding planner OISE started this job, she had to explain what her role was, and what she could bring to your wedding. Today, you know what the role of a wedding planner is, but do you know why to use its services?

7 reasons to have a wedding planner for her marriage

Being accompanied during the preparations

Preparing a wedding when you are a novice in the field requires a lot of time and research to find the perfect provider that will meet your expectations. Appealing to a wedding planner is to set appointments to advance on your wedding without having to devote all your free time and weekends. By being accompanied by a wedding planner, you save yourself all this research, these numerous calls and hundreds of e-mails. Moreover, if you live far from where you want to get married, you will also avoid many trips!

Be able to benefit from its network of professionals

Appealing to a wedding planner is also and especially be able to benefit from its network and address book of professionals of the sector. From the first appointment, she will be able to collect all the useful information and the details you will be able to presenting providers with whom the feeling will pass and who are in agreement with your desires, your demands and your budget. Your wedding planner is committed on the quality of the providers it presents you, so you can make trusted to his address book tested and approved!

7 reasons to have a wedding planner for her marriage

Benefit from advice and experience

Organizing a wedding, in broad lines it looks rather simple! A caterer, a room, a DJ and forward! but are you sure you haven't forgotten anything? Have you thought about buying the same lipstick as that of the makeup artist for the alterations the day j? To order the bouquet to the Virgin for the religious ceremony? To ask if the room accepts candles or if it takes candles Led?… With a wedding planner at your side, you will have the advice and experience to manage these small details (which can be make all the difference).

Be able to delegate

Living your dream wedding, that's okay! But in the point of sacrificing all your free time, is that still okay? you surround yourself with a wedding planner, it is also to surround you with a team of providers to whom you will entrust the smooth running of this fabulous day! On your side, you only have to let yourself be carried by each of them in order to enjoy as much of your preparation as your Nice wedding day while having your loved ones nothing for you!

7 reasons to have a wedding planner for her marriage

Less stress

When your wedding planner is in the process of searching for the perfect photographer to immortalize your big day, when your wedding Planner will be in the process of setting up your decoration on the eve of d-day or in the process of giving the final instructions to the team of providers, on your side you only have to think about taking care of you! With your wedding planner, whatever happens, everything will be handled. Just think about taking time for yourself upstream to arrive serene and resplendent the great day. Let yourself be guided and lean on this person you have chosen for the Organization and the coordination of your marriage.

Being able to keep feet on Earth (and budget with)

The main goal of your wedding planner is to make you to live a marriage beyond your expectations, and for that, it must be realistic and frank with you. The best example is often that of Pinterest (your best wedding ally). Often you see floral decorations splendid, but often also, depending on the budget you have, the décor cannot be reproduced identically. That's why the expertise of a wedding Planner is indispensable in order to be able to explain and find a plan B for a decoration that will be to your image and created tailor-made according to what you want and your budget!

7 reasons to have a wedding planner for her marriage

Have a Professional to coordinate d-day

Upstream of d-day, your wedding planner will establish a plan that it will make available to all providers in order to ensure the smooth running of the day and everyone can work at ease. At last, the day I arrived, he will be present to coordinate every moment he will the privileged interlocutor of your providers and will ensure that you spend the most beautiful days…

And you, for what good reasons would you call for a Wedding Planner?

Silky happy & to very fast…

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